Entrepreneur Minute – Jason Blumer, Blumer CPAs and Thriveal

September 21, 2021

The Who’s on the Move, Entrepreneur Minute is an interview in support of the undeniable impact that entrepreneurs have on our communities. We will be highlighting 20 entrepreneurs in each of our markets (Columbia, Greenville and Charleston) with a short video as well as a full audio version of the conversation on our WhosOnTheMove SC podcast. You will see a diverse group of entrepreneurs and we will be exploring the theme of overcoming obstacles.

We would like to thank our sponsor of this video series:



Jason Blumer, CEO, Blumer CPAs and Thriveal

Blumer CPAs has mentored creative entrepreneurs towards growth for over two decades. They do this through metrics (helping entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders know their accounting and tax numbers), financial advisory, and their own internally-developed growth models for service-based companies.

Thriveal is a network of CPA firms in the United States and Canada whose main purpose is to support firm owners as they learn how to become better business owners and to lead them to understand the important role that innovation plays in the accounting profession.

Below is a full audio version of our conversation with Jason Blumer, Blumer CPAs and Thriveal. You can also listen to this podcast on Spotify and Apple.