Family Shelter installs new Board and Slate of Officers

January 29, 2009

COLUMBIA, SC – January 29, 2009 – The Family Shelter installed its new Board and slate of officers on Wednesday, 1/21/09. Stamarian Watts was elected President of the Board, with Rhonda Hughey and Chris Controne as Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

The Family Shelter is the only shelter in the Midlands providing emergency shelter to homeless families with children, and depends on grants and generous contributions from donors.

The economic downturn in the past year has increased the number of families seeking shelter and “unfortunately, we have turn away 1 or 2 families everyday”, says Jonathan Artz, Executive Director.

Artz has a Masters in Social Work and extensive experience with the homeless as well as with children.

Watts, a native of Columbia, works at SCANA, and is determined to raise funds all through the year and to consolidate the shelter’s finances.

Rhonda Hughey is with Arthur State Bank and Chris Controne is with Schmoyer & Company, LLC. They bring a lot of management and financial expertise to the organization.

It costs the shelter $55 a day to shelter, feed and train a family, and with grant money becoming a little tight in the last few years, it is becoming quite challenging, to put it euphemistically. This year, the Family Shelter turns 30.

More than ever, its services are required. And more than ever, it needs the support of the community, in the form of volunteers and donors.

For more information on how you can help, please call 803-771-7040 or visit