First LGBTQ+ center in Greenville celebrates grand opening

November 8, 2021

Pride Link, Amaryllis Counseling, and 864Pride to Open Queer Wellness Center with a Ribbon Cutting and Open House Nov 6 2021

In June, it was announced that three LGBTQ+ serving organizations had partnered together to secure a 6,000 square foot building that would become the home of the Queer Wellness Center (QWC). Pride Link, Amaryllis Counseling, and 864Pride are proud to announce a ribbon cutting, sponsored by the Upstate SC LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce, and an open house to commemorate the grand opening of this historic space. The QWC is the first community center and wellness clinic for LGBTQ+ people of all ages in Upstate, SC. There are over 130,000 LGBTQ+ people living in the Upstate area and this community still faces discrimination, isolation, and health disparities today. The QWC will offer a space for LGBTQ+ people of all ages to access social support, health and wellness services, and connection to LGBTQ+ affirming resources.

The Queer Wellness Center’s grand opening is open to the public with a ribbon cutting ceremony at 11am, follwed by an open house, food trucks, giveaways, and networking until 4pm. Local community leaders, social service providers, and business professionals will attend the celebration.

“We are just one piece of a much larger message to the community that together we are capable of truly great things. I am grateful to the community for believing in this vision with us and humbled to be part of answering a very real need that will change lives,” said Liz Serricchio (she/her), Co-Owner of Amaryllis Counseling and Co-Founder of 864Pride. Ethan Johnstone (he/him), Lead Community Builder of Pride Link said, “As a trans person who has lived in the Upstate my whole life and navigated the barriers in healthcare, employment, and social support – I’m so thankful for all the community members and leaders before us who paved the way for this type of space to exist.” Laura Davis (she/her), Co-owner of Amaryllis Counseling and Co-founder of 864Pride said, “Greenville is my hometown and it feels surreal to be able to bring a much needed resource like this to the place I grew up. We have built this space for the community with enormous help from the community and are ready to keep following our mission!”

Pride Link is a 501c3 nonprofit focused on improving the quality of life for LGBTQ+ people in the Upstate. Amaryllis Counseling is a licensed therapy practice centered on creating a safe space for LGBTQ+ people. 864Pride is a clinical 501c3 nonprofit that strives to reduce environmental and financial barriers to ensure that all members of the LGBTQ+ community have access to quality medical and mental health care and support.