Fort Jackson closes gates May 18 to hold a joint emergency exercise

May 11, 2022

Fort Jackson will hold a joint training operation May 18 that will cause gates to close sometime during the day and will be closed for hours. The purpose of the drill is providing a training opportunity and improve preparedness in the event of an actual emergency.

Post officials and various community activities are testing their ability to respond to multiple simulated incidents with a comprehensive exercise, which will encompass security elements and emergency services from Fort Jackson
and the local community. Simulated casualties will be transported by emergency vehicles to several area hospitals as part of the exercise. The exercise will assess the post’s response measures to multiple all-hazard situations and validate the crisis management plans and procedures for mitigating them.

Fort Jackson soldiers, employees and visitors can expect longer than usual wait times to enter post and there could be traffic snarls near the installation’s entrance gates.  There will also be increased activity of emergency vehicles to and from post as the installation holds a force protection exercise involving numerous simulated casualties.

“Gates will be closed during the exercise and we want the public to know in order to plan their routine trips to Fort Jackson for another day,” said Fort Jackson Commander Brig. Gen. Patrick R. Michaelis. “Our Moncrief Army Health Clinic have already rescheduled many appointments for another day.”

Military ID holders who normally come on post to shop at the commissary and The Exchange should choose another day as well. “We are trying to ensure the public is not frustrated waiting either to get on or off post on this day,” said Michaelis. “Patrons should pack their patience and expect delays.”