Give customers memorable experiences

Jerry Bellune

by Jerry Bellune


Here’s a competitive strategy: Create memorable experiences your customers can share with friends and have everyone talking about you and your products.

The Wall Street Journal has been staging high profile business forums for corporate executives and, like Turner Classic Movies, has Wine Club sales and events.

Hearst magazines staged road rallies and driver simulations to engage readers of its Road & Track and Car & Driver magazines.

Their Delish magazine is marketing a new Bite Club, a series of pop-up events in different cities tailored to their region. They will use these events to test which events and sites draw the biggest turnouts.

Marketing experiences rely on a combination of event programs, prices and customer mail lists. Hearst plans an exclusive spa day that will cost participants $1,300 each, designed for those who can afford it and appreciate sharing experiences with other wealthy people and their friends.

Ask your team these questions:

1. What experience can we give our customers they would love and talk about?
2. How can we pre-test its appeal?
3. How can we make a profit on it?

We share such field-tested strategies in our 3-CD “Make Yourself a STAR (Someone They Always Remember)” self-study course.

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