Greenlink announces 2020 Citizens Transit Academy class

January 7, 2020

On January 7, Greenlink will welcome 24 new participants to the Citizens Transit Academy, a free, six-week program designed to offer Greenville County residents a unique opportunity to learn about public transportation and the opportunities and challenges facing Greenlink.

According to James Keel, Greenlink’s director of public transportation, the program attracted a diverse pool of applicants that included neighborhood representatives, employees of major organizations and elected officials. “Last year’s inaugural class had 20 members, but based on feedback from the graduates and the increasing interest, we decided to expand the size of the 2020 class,” said Keel. “The purpose of the Citizens Transit Academy is to educate the community about the role of public transit, so we’re excited to offer this opportunity to more people from across Greenville County who are interested in getting involved in discussions about mobility.”

Classes will be held on Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at City Hall. Below is the 2020 class schedule:

January 7:       Introductions, academy overview and Greenlink services

January 14:     Operations and safety, transit center tour and Greenlink’s new technology

January 21:     Finances, capital needs and maintenance facility tour

January 28:     Service change procedures, bus stops and route planning

February 4:     Transit Development Plan and other community efforts

February 11:   Group takeaways and graduation

Graduates of the Citizens Transit Academy will be recognized as knowledgeable representatives for public transit and encouraged to serve in leadership roles and seek opportunities to engage the community in conversations about transit.

2020 Class Members:

Debbra Alvarado
John Boyanoski
Mark Brewton
Alyce Chesser
Robert Collett
Jessica Dahle
Maribel Diaz
Jennifer Ferguson
Donna Harrington
Ray Lattimore
Jacki Lattimore
Janet LeMay
Michael Maier
Mary Anne McLendon
Jennifer Mustar
Yvonne Reeder
TJ Rumler
Sarah Schoonover
Dari Seabrook
Edward Stone
Fernando Urbina
Matthew Weir
Allen York
Megan Young