Groundbreaking feminist-driven dating coaching company aimed toward men announces upcoming launch of services

July 26, 2022

Modern Meet, a groundbreaking feminist-driven dating coaching aimed toward men, is announcing the upcoming launch of their services on August 1, 2022. Sara Tick, experienced dating coach and founder of Modern Meet, will be providing personalized dating coaching for professional men with a modern, feminist twist. Clients can sign up for individual one-on-one coaching or join Modern Meet’s eight-week program titled “The No Stress Dating Solution.”

“In today’s world, feminism and uplifting females are more important than ever before. Men need to acknowledge this, especially when entering the dating scene. With Modern Meet, professional men can learn about how to incorporate feminism into their dating practices in order to encourage and support a healthy modern dating environment for people of all genders,” said Sara Tick, the founder of Modern Meet. “My unique approach to dating coaching helps my clients break past patterns of toxic masculinity that are ingrained by society by teaching about how to promote sexual autonomy, practice enthusiastic consent, and create a respectful environment for a current or potential partner.”

Whether the client chooses the one-on-one intensive coaching program or the eight-week group coaching workshop, clients will find that their dating life is completely rejuvenated and will gain newfound confidence that will allow them to succeed when participating in the modern dating scene. By promoting respect, effective communication, consent, and equality, Modern Meet is helping to transform the modern dating scene. A portion of all proceeds earned by Modern Meet will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

In order to receive services from Modern Meet, all clients are expected to support the company’s manifesto, which can be accessed here:


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