Hill Electric partners with Anderson I & II Career Technology Center to provide real-world experience for construction students

May 31, 2023

Hill Electric, an industrial electrical contractor for nearly 70 years, is proud to announce its recent partnership with the Anderson I & II Career and Technology Center (ACTC) Shed Build project. The opportunity allowed students enrolled in construction-related courses at ACTC to gain practical, hands-on experience and connect their classroom knowledge to real-world scenarios they may encounter in the field.

During the project, ACTC students worked collaboratively as a team to construct an outdoor shed designed for lawn equipment and tools. They got experience using tools and materials as on an actual job site, enabling them to acquire practical skills that will benefit them throughout their careers.

“Our program’s biggest benefit to students is giving them an opportunity to try out the trades in as close as we can get to a real-world environment,” said Victor Galea, Building Construction teacher at ACTC.

The partnership between Hill Electric and ACTC not only benefits the students, but also the company’s hiring pipeline. Hill Electric has a history of hiring graduates from ACTC’s trade programs, which is a testament to the quality of education provided by ACTC and the value of the real-world experiences that students gain through projects like the Shed Build.

“We’ve really gotten a great deal of knowledge from the students on how to relate to them, what they value, and what skills they are looking to learn. It’s been a great partnership for us and a great partnership for them,” said David Wolke, Vice President at Hill Electric.

The partnership between ACTC and Hill Electric exemplifies the effectiveness of trade and technical schools in providing students with practical, hands-on experience. Through such collaborations, students at ACTC are well-prepared for successful careers in the construction industry.

To learn more about the partnership and the Shed Build project, please visit our website here.

About Hill Electric

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