How to help loved ones de-stress

January 17, 2018

By Brian Maynor


Watching someone you care about come home stressed out and exhausted day after day is a terrible feeling, especially when you feel powerless to help.

Yet, for so many couples it is reality.  And not just for power couples.

Attentive and caring partners may do everything they can to help, from cooking dinner, putting children to bed, to encouraging time with friends, alone or at the gym.  As helpful and considerate as these actions are, they don’t really address the long-term issue of de-stressing at home.

We hear a lot about company culture and steps they take to help employees perform better, feel valued and succeed, and now experts are looking at how creating a protective culture at home may be the answer.   The premise is that by creating a protective, positive culture at home we not only strengthen bonds, but also allow our brains and bodies to relax and recharge.

Here are 5 steps to get you started on creating your own protective culture at home:

1.   Bring everyone together.  When it comes to creating a culture everyone’s input is essential, so the first step is to bring everyone together and talk about exactly what you want your home environment to look like.  Since intention is the key to success, when we have a clear picture of our ideal relaxing and recharging environment we will be subconsciously begin to live a life that reflects it.  If you’re having trouble finding a starting point, make it no shoptalk after 6 p.m. or on the weekends.

2.    Employ visual reminders.  We often turn to calendars, to-do lists and appointment reminders to keep our schedules in order, and the same format can work for our protective culture.  Family pictures, a list of values, and love notes can work wonders for stress and reinforcing the energy you’re creating in your space.  One recommendation is to place them close to the door so you see them when you first get home.

3.    Put the tech away, not just down.  We hear this advice a lot, but many of us still struggle with disconnecting from our tech.  Checking our phones, sending emails and scrolling through social media can be a conditioned response to sitting on the sofa.  If simply putting the tech on the table doesn’t work try bagging them up and leaving them in another drawer.  Don’t panic.  It doesn’t have to be for the entire evening.  Creating tech-free blocks of time is crucial for reconnecting with loved ones, a common goal for a protective culture.

4.    Set the example.  It may seem impossible, especially with a demanding boss or role, but committing to the goals and being the model will help everyone else in the home want to do the same.  Even if it’s just two or three hours of family time, not only do you give yourself a break, you are showing your family it is possible to have a healthy work/life relationship.  To help you feel better about stepping away, research proves that breaks improve productivity and mental clarity.

5.    Go to sleep together.  When it’s time to end the day small cues can have major impact.  Whether it’s brushing your teeth or turning out the light, these acts help signal the day is over and it’s time to rest.  What better way to seal in positive memories than by going to bed earlier and together?

Just like alleviating stress, creating cultures doesn’t happen over night, but it does happen through time and routine.  That means if you aren’t intentionally creating the culture you want then you’re inadvertently creating one you don’t.


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