How to win prospects’ trust

April 29, 2021

By Jerry Bellune

Successful negotiation will get you what you want if you give prospects what they need, says Walker McKay of No BS Sales.
You have equal stature with every customer or prospect you deal with, McKay says. Show respect but call everyone by their first name every time.

“You get better information by asking what they want and need, their opinions about what are they trying to do and why? What seems a reasonable price or investment to them? How did they decide that?

Asking open-ended questions helps customers better explain their wants and needs and you to understand them.

All successful negotiation depends on trust, McKay says. Most people don’t trust salespeople. Success is about helping prospects trust that if they give you money, you will make their problems go away.

Negotiation isn’t about tricking anyone.

“Be transparent,” he says. “Know what you want before you start. Put that on the table and everything else is negotiable.”
It’s critical to be up front with prospects.

“Say, ‘If it makes sense for both of us, let’s move forward. If not, let’s both move on.’

You have as much right to say no thanks, and walk away as they do. Some will buy. Some won’t. So what? Who’s next?

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