IAAM CEO responds to museum’s inclusion in latest round of giving from Mackenzie Scott and Dan Jewett

June 17, 2021

The International African American Museum is honored to be among the recipients of the most recent generous giving initiative from Mackenzie Scott and Dan Jewett.

“As I read through the names of nearly 300 extraordinary organizations that have received support – and made note of previous similarly impactful organizations and causes to receive such support – I am delighted to see the work of IAAM championed among this group,” said museum President and CEO Dr. Tonya Matthews. “We are humbled to receive such a “signal of trust and encouragement.”

Dr. Tonya M. Matthews, Chief Executive Officer

“As we near completion of museum construction, we are grateful for continued support like this from across the country and right here at home in the Lowcountry of South Carolina,” she said.

“The International African American Museum was conceived to honor the untold stories of the African American journey and to steward one of our nation’s most sacred sites. It is through such generous and continued support that the work of our museum can be a resounding voice in critical and transformative conversations on race and reconciliation in our country today. It is our hope that the generosity of our members, philanthropists, and sponsors are confirmation that these times will transform from moment to movement – and that our museum will be central to that transformation.”

To join in the work of the International African American Museum as a charter member or founding donor, please visit www.iaamuseum.org/membership.

For additional inquiries on making a financial gift to the museum or information about becoming a founding donor, please contact Ginny Deerin at [email protected].