JDI Industrial Services expands fabrication services to industries across the Southeast

June 29, 2021

JDI Industrial Services, a division of J. Davis Inc., is excited to announce plans to expand fabrication services in response to experiencing increased demand. In addition to assembling a team of qualified welders and craftsmen, JDI has initiated construction on a 11,000 SF facility capable of better serving the fabrication needs of various manufacturing environments across the Southeast.

Providing this region with superior metalwork and satisfying the fabrication needs of local industries since 1998, JDI has a long history of using various materials (i.e. steel, stainless, & aluminum) in the production and installation of:

  1. beams & columns
  2. mezzanines
  3. piping fabrication
  4. guardrails
  5. ladders & caged ladders
  6. stairs
  7. safety improvements (e.g. machine guards, railings, etc.)
  8. material racks & carts
  9. custom fabrication
  10. joists & decking

Now, with additional personnel and an even larger custom fabrication area, nothing is too far out of reach. Among other services, JDI offers expert pre-construction planning, structural engineering, and BIM modeling.

With a completion date for the new fabrication facility scheduled for the Fall of 2021, enhanced ­services will roll out close behind. To learn more, visit JDIindustrial.com or stay up to date with us by following our social media channels.

JDI Industrial Services is a rapidly growing & versatile company specializing in evergreen maintenance and capital projects. With two locations in Oconee and Anderson counties, we are proud to serve industries in Georgia, North Carolina, & South Carolina.