“Leadership Reimagined at Greenville Technical College” brings together future workers and business leaders

Greenville Technical College will focus on the future of its students, and of South Carolina, by hosting a Leadership Reimagined breakfast on its Northwest Campus on Friday, April 3 from 9 a.m. to noon.

During the Leadership Reimagined breakfast, students will receive a firsthand look at the skills employers want to see from their teams and will learn which skills to prioritize in order to ensure career success. Local business leaders will have the opportunity to interact and engage with up-and-coming students who are training to be well-equipped future employees and team members.

“Greenville Technical College is committed to providing students with high-quality learning opportunities and developing their skills so they can qualify for good jobs,” said Dr. Jermaine Whirl, vice president of learning and workforce development at Greenville Technical College. “Alongside the technical training we provide, programs like the Leadership Reimagined breakfast will empower our students to make connections and develop the support skills needed to truly succeed in their careers.”

The Leadership Reimagined event will feature Dr. Matteel Knowles as keynote speaker. Knowles is the vice president of student services for Greenville Technical College and is also a motivational speaker and coach.

In addition to the keynote presentation, local business leaders and professionals will participate in an interactive panel discussion facilitated by Elizabeth Jende Chevalier, leadership development expert and CEO of consulting company EJC Move. Panelists slated to share their insights at the event include:

• Brandy Amidon, Co-President and CFO, Brains on Fire
• Berra Byrd – Financial advisor, Edward Jones
• Col. (Ret.) Frank Grand – Owner/CEO, Grand Consulting
• Allison McGarity – President and CEO, Simpsonville Area Chamber of Commerce
• Brittany Stolztfus – Vice President, Contingent Resource Solutions
• Sam Yankelevitch – CEO, Xpress Lingo Solutions

“South Carolina is a hub for companies and industries that rely on technical and trade skills, including advanced manufacturing, automotive, distribution and logistics and more,” Chevalier said. “To continue to attract these companies and to position South Carolina as a regional and global leader, we must prioritize providing them with employees who can think critically, perform accurately and communicate effectively. Their training at Greenville Technical College provides a strong foundation. And, through the Leadership Reimagined partnership, Greenville Technical College is taking an additional step forward to ensure their students are prepared to contribute to their workplace, and our state’s ongoing success.”

Registration for this free event is open to Greenville Technical College students and staff, as well as to local business and community professionals, at ejcmove.com/leadership-reimagined.