LRADAC’s Jeremy Martin is one of 16 national recovery professionals to become a member of the National Institute on Drug Abuse’s Clinical Trials Network Community Representative Council

February 8, 2023

Jeremy Martin, LRADAC’s Vice President of Treatment and Intervention, has been selected as one of 16 inaugural members of the National Institute on Drug Abuse’s Clinical Trials Network Community Representative Council (CIRCL). As a new entity of the CIRCL, Martin, along with other national representatives, will work with a diverse group of agencies, organizations, and individuals/families with lived experiences to inform the research agenda of the 16 Clinical Trials Network (CTN) nodes and discuss the state of drug addiction, treatment, and prevention across the nation.

In forming this new council, service and recovery professionals were selected from across the nation who are serving on the front line of harm reduction or substance use disorder treatment, including clinicians from healthcare systems, family advocates, and members of the legal/justice system, local or national advocacy agencies.

“As Jeremy has made such a positive impact on regional efforts in harm reduction and substance misuse treatment, serving on this prestigious council is a natural extension of his professional abilities,” said Gayle Aycock, President and CEO of LRADAC. “With his incredible passion and dedication for helping people and families affected by substance misuse, all of us in the mental health and recovery community look forward to seeing Jeremy make an even larger impact at the national level.”

Martin and other CIRCL members will begin setting their agenda this April at the Clinical Trial Network’s annual meeting in Bethesda, MD.


LRADAC is the designated alcohol and drug abuse authority for Lexington and Richland Counties. The public, not-for-profit agency offers a wide array of prevention, intervention and treatment programs in locations convenient to residents of both counties. The agency has a budget of approximately $10 million and serves more than 4,500 clients annually. For more information on programs and services visit LRADAC’s website at