Moore Brings Niche Health Insurance Business to Laurens County

June 26, 2023

Moore Power Insurance launched in January 2023 when owner Laura Moore identified a critical need for affordable insurance and education in several specific health insurance areas.

Moore is passionate about providing education and guidance to small business owners, independent contractors, and seniors. She also helps individuals turning 26 and coming off their parents plan find affordable coverage. In addition, she serves clients in the Medicare Market and Marketplace market (otherwise known as Obama care or the Affordable Care Act.)

“Many people don’t realize they are eligible for subsidized health care or additional health care at little to no cost,” said Moore.

Moore prides herself in providing clients with much needed education on the marketplace and their options. In working with clients, she often determines that they are on the wrong plan. Getting to know her clients and understanding their needs, she is able to help them make the best choice for the situation and maximize coverage. What makes Laura unique is that she will not only guide you to the right plan, she’s also your resource if you have any questions or issues after purchase.

“Working independently for the past 25 years, my focus has always been on helping others.  As an entrepreneur I was always struggling and confused about which health plan was best for me.  I started doing research and realized I wasn’t the only one and that motivated me to get licensed so I could help others,” said Moore. “So many people are paying for things they don’t need.  I want to empower people to make educated decisions and cut through red tape, help their family, and stay on budget.”

Moore is licensed in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and New Jersey.  She is a member of the Laurens County Chamber of Commerce and the Small Business EmPOWERment Group.

Laura and her husband, Corey, lives in Cross Hill. Entrepreneurship is a family thing as Corey is the owner of Moore Power Electric and Construction.

Who will benefit from the services provided by Moore Power Insurance?

  • Independent contractors/Self Employed
  • Anyone not on a company health plan
  • Individuals turning 26 and coming off their parents plan
  • Retirees who aren’t old enough for Medicare
  • People who are about to turn 65 and seniors on Medicare

For more information you can contact Laura Moore directly at 864-396-8696 or email her at [email protected] and click HERE to go to her Facebook page.

Moore is passionate about helping people and animals. In her work she helps individuals get the right health care plan for their personal needs and in her free time, Moore volunteers at the Laurens County Humane Society. She is also very active in the Cross Hill community as an event volunteer.