New World Alliance Adds Charleston Calls to New Trans-Atlantic Service

January 20, 2012

CHARLESTON, SC – January 19, 2012 – The New WorldAlliance consortium of ocean carriers announced anew Trans-Atlantic service that includes twice-weeklycalls at the Port of Charleston’s Wando WelchTerminal.


The new Americas Europe Express servicewill connect Charleston to Northern Europe throughdirect calls at Rotterdam, Bremerhaven and Felixstowe,as well as Latin America through the transshipment hubof Manzanillo, Panama. The double call in Charlestonadds 104 vessel calls a year for the local maritimecommunity.


Participating in the Americas EuropeExpress service are the alliance carriers of APL,operating three vessels, and Hyundai Merchant Marine andMitsui OSK Lines, operating one vesselapiece.


Significantly, Charleston is one ofonly two U.S. ports – and the only port in the region -selected for the new service.


Double calls in Charleston will enablethe New World Alliance’s network of customers amplecoverage across the U.S. Southeast and beyond, saidPaul McClintock, senior vice president and chiefcommercial officer for the South Carolina PortsAuthority. This also provides the region’s exportersadditional reach to markets in Latin America and Europewhere there is demand.


The first vessels on the service willcall Charleston in early March with calls by the APLShanghai, sailing westbound from Rotterdam on February29, and the APL Indonesia, sailing eastbound fromManzanillo on March 5.


About the South Carolina PortsAuthority

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