NFIB: South Carolina must address state’s energy needs

January 6, 2009

Small businesses need affordable, abundant energy supplies to survive the economic slowdown 

COLUMBIA, SC – January 6, 2008 – National Federation of Independent Business State Director Wendy Homeyer made the following statement today in response to questions about energy supplies in South Carolina: 

“Energy is the lifeblood of both our economy and the environment. Small businesses need energy supplies that are available and priced competitively to operate and efficiently run their businesses.   

“Our small businesses must have access to affordable and reliable supplies of energy in order to remain competitive and survive the current economic slowdown. NFIB/South Carolina’s 5,300 members are dedicated to working with lawmakers to find energy solutions that work for small business and for South Carolina. 

“As demonstrated recently, small business owners find themselves in a state of financial instability as the cost of oil, natural gas, and propane fluctuate wildly. Energy costs rank as the second most-pressing problem for small business owners in 2008, according to the recent NFIB Small Business Problems and Priorities survey. According to the NFIB Energy Consumption poll, energy costs are one of the top three business expenses in 35 percent of small businesses.    

“The dilemma we now confront is how to produce enough energy to meet our ever-growing demands while ensuring the energy we produce and utilize is reliable, clean and safe. While finding the right balance has proven to be a challenge, one thing is certain:  

“Our state needs to produce significantly more energy to accommodate anticipated growth.   

“We must be pro-active in creating a sound energy policy to keep our energy supply flowing, protect our environment, and help our economy thrive.” 

NFIB/South Carolina is the state’s leading small business association.