Non Profit Minute – Gillian Zettler, Charleston Wine + Food

The Who’s on the Move, BizSC, Non Profit Minute is a quick, two-minute interview in support of the amazing impact that local non profits have on our communities.

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Gillian Zettler, Executive Director, Charleston Wine + Food

Charleston Wine + Food’s largest initiative is an annual festival that takes place in Charleston, South Carolina. Why? Because this city offers the perfect combination of place, people and food that result in an identity unlike any other in the world. Charleston Wine + Food infuses our homegrown flavor with top chefs, winemakers, authors, storytellers, artisans, and food enthusiasts from around the globe for a five-day event that spans the first full weekend each March.

The 15th installment of their flagship festival will take place March 4-8, 2020.


Learn more about Charleston Wine + Food. Below is a full audio version of the interview.