Psycho-Educational Services Opens in Columbia, SC

July 16, 2009

Local business hopes effort will offer more expansive testing services for school kids

COLUMBIA, SC –  July 15, 2009 – Psycho-Educational Services, specializing in testing children ages 3 to 16 for intelligence, achievement, personality, cognitive processing, and/or social and emotional development has opened in downtown Columbia.   Susan Sutherland-Lutz, a experienced school psychologist, hopes her effort will allow greater access to parents who seek testing services for their children.

Unfortunately, appropriate testing may not always be available when needed to assess a child’s profile of abilities and learning style,” says Sutherland-Lutz. Some children require assessment over several days.

Through psycho-educational testing, Attention Deficit Disorder and other learning disabilities such as:  Auditory Processing Disorder, Auditory and Visual Memory difficulties, Executive Functioning Disorders, Nonverbal Learning Disability, Reading, Writing, and Math Disabilities, and Developmental Disorders such as Autism and Aspergers, can be determined and diagnosed making it possible—after assessing test results—to give specific treatment and, or therapy recommendations.

Psycho-Educational Services helps to determine learning styles. We provide recommendations for school accommodations and what can be done at home and at school to optimize learning.

All psycho-educational evaluations are conducted by Susan Sutherland-Lutz, MA, SSP, Level II, LPES, and are individualized based on the issues that precipitated testing. Evaluations include an interview with parents, a written report with recommendations, and a consultation session to discuss interpret findings.

Psycho-Educational Services is located at 1905 Marion Street in downtown Columbia, SC and can be reached by calling 803- 741-5320 or emailing Sutherland-Lutz at [email protected] or by visiting