Reunion of Friends at SC Book Festival

May 14, 2014

book-cover-1COLUMBIA, SC – When the South Carolina Book Festival begins on May 16, there were be a reunion of two friends who haven’t seen each other in forty-four years.

 “It was fate that we re-connected,” says Brian Boger, a local attorney and author.  William Norwood Holland (Wood Holland to his friends) and Boger were in the same graduating class at Fort Hunt High School in Alexandria Virginia.

As many classmates do, they lose touch.  But they didn’t know until this past year how much they have in common. 

Wood Holland went on to law school at Howard University; Boger attended USC law school.  Holland always wanted to write books, and while working at the Department of Labor as an attorney, he put his desire into reality.  Holland wrote “The Drew Smith Series,” a story about an inner city attorney who has more than one challenge on his plate.

Boger, in the meantime, pursued his desire to write a book and published Southern Fate, a legal thriller/murder mystery.  It wasn’t until Holland wrote Boger last year and they both learned about their own published works.  Holland owns Windmill Publishing, Ltd. and as Boger says “has been kind enough to allow me to hang with him a few days at the Festival.”

They will be sharing some memories that go back forty-four years.