Clean It Up or be Written Up – County Council Passes Ordinance #897

May 12, 2021

Time to clean up Laurens County and County Council just put some muscle behind the enforcement of litter issues.

On the agenda at their regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday night, Council Council had on the agenda public hearing time and the third and final reading of Ordinance #897 – Litter Control.

There were no public comments regarding the ordinance and after the third reading it passed with a vote of 7-0.

“I’m pleased to have this ordinance enacted,” said County Council Chair Brown Patterson.  “This ordinance will strengthen the Sheriff Department’s ability to control litter violations in Laurens County and ultimately help us clean up the county.”

The litter control ordinance gives sheriff deputies the ability to enforce litter control on private property that is a public eyesore.  Effectively immediately, deputies can cite violators of the ordinance.  Those in violation will have two weeks to remedy the situation or face penalties.

So, clean it up or be written up, the choice is yours!