SC Production Fund Winning Film Wraps Shooting

October 16, 2009

COLUMBIA. SC – Saying Goodbye, a winner of the SC Production Fund, wrapped filming on Friday, October 9th.  Saying Goodbye is one of the three winners selected this year by the SC Film Commission.  Brian Rish and Jocelyn Rish, the co-writers and producers, are collaborating on this project with the University of South Carolina, Trident Technical College, local production company Genesis Creative and the SC Film Commission.

Saying Goodbye first appeared as a short story written by Jocelyn, which was inspired by the intriguing news reports of Oscar, the death-predicting cat.  After the short story was named a 2008 SC Fiction Project winner, the brother-sister team decided to turn it into a screenplay.

Rebecca Koon stars as Alma, an elderly woman who deals with loss as a cat with mysterious powers accurately predicts the death of fellow nursing home residents.  And before the cat comes for her, Alma is determined to help two staff members discover their love for each other.

“I’ve gotten emotional several times watching my story come to life,” said Jocelyn. “I can’t thank the Film Commission enough for this amazing experience,”

The project brings together many talented professionals, both locally and from along the east coast.  These experts in their respective fields are committed to mentoring the students and helping them learn via hands-on experience. “Seeing how much the students are learning, I wish the production fund had been around when I was at USC,” said Brian. There are sixteen students from USC and five students from TTC responsible for a variety of positions on set from prop master to best boy to camera assistant.

Filming took place at Agapé Senior in West Columbia, SC, where many residents and staff are enjoying being extras.

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