Simple Steps for an Extra Safe Halloween

October 28, 2023

Children adore the enchantment of Halloween, but it’s crucial to prioritize costume and traffic safety to ensure a delightful and secure experience for all. These guidelines can contribute to a safe and joyous holiday for everyone involved.

Prioritizing Costume Safety

In the quest for a safe Halloween, has assembled a set of Halloween safety recommendations. Before the arrival of Halloween, take the following precautions to select costumes that won’t pose safety risks:

  1. Ensure that all costumes, wigs, and accessories are fire-resistant.
  2. For children venturing out after dark, attach reflective tape to their costumes and bags or equip them with glow sticks to enhance visibility.
  3. Prefer nontoxic Halloween makeup over masks, which can obstruct vision. Always conduct a patch test on a small area to check for any skin irritation.
  4. Remember to remove all makeup before children go to bed to prevent skin and eye irritation.

When They’re on the Hunt

Here’s a startling fact: Halloween presents a situation where children are over twice as likely to be involved in car accidents and fatalities compared to any other day of the year. Limited visibility due to low nighttime lighting plays a significant role in these incidents. To ensure your children’s safety on Halloween night, keep these suggestions in mind:

  1. Accompany young children during their neighborhood trick-or-treating rounds with a responsible adult.
  2. For older children going out on their own, devise and review a route that meets your approval.
  3. Set a specific time for children to return home.
  4. Teach your children never to enter a stranger’s home or vehicle.
  5. Encourage children to walk only in familiar, well-lit areas and to stay with their friends.
  6. Advise children not to consume any treats until they return home and be cautious about potential food allergies.

Safety Guidelines for Motorists

The National Safety Council (NSC) also provides supplementary safety recommendations for parents and anyone navigating the roads during trick-or-treat hours:

  1. Be vigilant for children walking along roadways, medians, and curbs.
  2. Exercise caution when entering or exiting driveways and alleys.
  3. During twilight and later in the evening, remain on the lookout for children dressed in dark clothing.
  4. Discourage newly licensed and inexperienced drivers from taking the wheel on Halloween.