Spartanburg Chamber partners with Luxor Scientific to offer fast-turnaround COVID-19 testing for businesses

July 28, 2020

The Spartanburg Chamber’s Bringing Back the Burg Business Recovery Task Force today announced an initiative to provide fast-turnaround COVID-19 testing to Spartanburg County businesses.

Through an exclusive partnership with Luxor Scientific, participating businesses are guaranteed to receive employees’ COVID-19 test results within 48 hours and at a 52% discount.

“Access to rapid testing is key to combating COVID-19 in the workplace,” said Allen Smith, President & CEO of the Spartanburg Chamber. “Long turnaround times for employee test results cost businesses time and money. This partnerships saves Spartanburg businesses both.”

Businesses interested in participating must visit to sign up. Once confirmed, businesses can take advantage of three types of testing.

Businesses can send employees directly to Luxor Scientific’s lab at 1327 Miller Road, Greenville
Businesses with at least 50 participants can bring Luxor Scientific on-site to test employees
A qualified on-site nurse can collect samples and send to Luxor Scientific’s lab

The Spartanburg Chamber is also providing a pool of financial assistance to further reduce testing costs as needs arise.

Luxor Scientific’s viral testing is FDA-approved, with sample collection done via nasal swab and results coming in 24-48 hours. Luxor will tailor agreements for each business, defining the scope of services and how they intend to interact with individuals. Business representatives are encouraged to contact Luxor directly after signing up through the Chamber at 864-568-8940.

“Testing speed and accuracy, paired with strong safe workplace programs, have proven to be the keys in minimizing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We’re very pleased that the community recognizes this, and to be able to help,” said Jay Flanagan, Luxor Scientific Chief Strategy Officer.