Spartanburg Community College announces new College Transition Program

August 12, 2021

August 16 is the first day of the new academic year at Spartanburg Community College and it’s also the start of a new College Transition Program designed to strengthen partnerships with local high schools and career centers throughout Spartanburg, Cherokee and Union counties. SCC’s new program deploys four College Transition Coordinators in local high schools, career centers, educating high school communities on college and life transitions post-high school.

“Spartanburg Community College is thrilled to be investing in our schools and career centers throughout Spartanburg, Cherokee and Union counties. Thanks to our new College Transition Program we have hired four College Transition Coordinators who will be in our area schools working directly with students, parents, and school personnel, to serve as a needed resource for the college transition process, explains Dr. Stacey Obi, SCC’s vice president of Strategic Innovation. “Whether it be how to navigate dual enrollment opportunities, how to apply to SCC to attend after graduation, or simply needing some guidance on how to execute the college transition process smoothly, we’ve got you covered! Together SCC and the K-12 schools within our service area share a passion for student success, and this is one way we can collectively partner to serve our students better as they seek out higher education opportunities in high school and beyond”.

SCC’s College Transition Coordinators will work with prospective students, parents, school administrators, and guidance counselors to provide dual credit, dual enrollment services for high school students as well as college enrollment to SCC for graduating seniors. They will educate parents and students regarding SCC’s dual enrollment opportunities as well as provide traditional enrollment and program selection assistance, academic and career advising, entrance testing, mentoring, and follow-up through the enrollment process.

“Spartanburg Community College’s College Transition Coordinators will serve as a valuable bridge for our high school students. Working in concert with our high school seniors, parents, school counselors, community, and the college, these coordinators will serve as an important liaison for our students, said Spartanburg Academic Movement Executive Director Russell Booker, Ph.D. CDE. “The Spartanburg Academic Movement seeks innovative solutions to ‘summer melt,’ where students who intend to enroll in college fail to do so due to unforeseen circumstances during summer. We are especially excited to partner with these coordinators to drastically lower the ‘melt’ rate. We look forward to partnering with SCC in the coming year as Spartanburg strives toward its vision of being the best-educated county in South Carolina with a national reputation for commitment to educational achievement at all levels. SCC and its College Transition Coordinators serve as a vital part of making that vision a reality.”

SCC’s partnerships with K-12 educators are critical in meeting the college’s mission of helping students develop and act upon post-high school educational and career plans. However, thanks to the new College Transition Program, SCC’s K-12 partnerships will only strengthen, and SCC administrators expect the number of high school students attending the college to grow as well. College data shows the acceptance of dual students has increased 44 percent since fall 2019 and combined with the college’s free tuition program announced on May 20, students can now attend college SCC virtually free.

For more information on SCC’s dual enrollment and early college opportunities as well as the free tuition initiative, visit