Statement from Richland County Council Chair Livingston

December 21, 2020

Following is a statement from Richland County Council Chair Paul Livingston in reference to the indictment of Councilwoman Dalhi Myers, District 10.

“There is nothing more important than residents having trust and confidence in their locally elected officials and local government.

“While I am disappointed in and concerned about the alleged conduct of Councilwoman Dalhi Myers, I respect the due process of law and her right to defend herself against these allegations in court. Despite this troubling situation, the Richland County Council and its hundreds of dedicated employees will continue to work hard every day to serve the public with honor and integrity. To that end, Richland County Council will review recommendations to improve the accountability and transparency in its use of purchasing cards.

“Richland County Council and its employees, under the leadership of Administrator Leonardo Brown, remain committed to serving our residents with excellence, transparency and enhanced accountability. Further, as Governor McMaster has chosen to suspend Ms. Myers from serving on County Council, my Council colleagues and I are committed to ensuring the concerns of residents in District 10 are addressed as we await the official swearing-in of Councilwoman-elect Cheryl English.”