Statement on SCDOR’s audit findings

August 3, 2020

Richland County Government recently was notified of findings of the audit by the S.C. Department of Revenue (SCDOR) on the County’s Transportation Penny Program. Throughout the audit and legal process, Richland County has worked collaboratively with the state agency in an effort to resolve questions raised concerning the administration of the transportation program. The County remains committed to fostering and maintaining an open government and being transparent to taxpayers.

Following is a statement from Richland County Council Chair Paul Livingston:

Based on the information available to Richland County at this time, Richland County disagrees with the majority of SCDOR’s findings. Those findings and conclusions have not been substantiated by information provided to Richland County and some appear to be based on conjecture. The lion’s share of SCDOR’s findings are attributable to a third party. Richland County plans to seek all remedies available to it to ensure that the integrity of its transportation improvement program remains sound.

To date, Richland County’s Transportation Penny Program is the only transportation program to be audited by SCDOR. Richland’s program was modeled after another successful transportation penny program in this state, namely Charleston. However, there are others, including Beaufort County, with similar structures.

Richland County is confident in its position in the SCDOR matter and is committed to ensuring that its constituents have confidence in the Transportation Penny Program. To that end, we would note that, although SCDOR previously alleged illegal and unethical conduct on the part of Richland County, SCDOR’s Final Audit Report made no such findings.