Ten At The Top Releases New Regional Tool Kit

May 17, 2012

UPSTATE, SC – May 17, 2012 – Ten at the Top, in partnership with the Clemson University School of Planning, Development, Preservation and Landscape Architecture, has released a new “Regional Tool Kit” designed to provide local communities across the Upstate with a brief and understandable overview of key planning concepts, terms and tools that are available to local governments in the Upstate.

The tool kit was presented to more than 50 planners from across the Upstate at the Upstate Planners Meeting held last week and is now available for download on the Ten at the Top web site (www.tenatthetop.org).

The Regional Tool Kit contains an overview of the South Carolina enabling legislation for planning as well as brief explanations of a variety of planning related tools and concepts in the areas of: 

1.    Plans and processes
2.    Quality growth planning and affordable housing
3.    Sustainable design
4.    Transportation
5.    Environmental stewardship

“The Regional Tool Kit is not a regulatory document,” said Clemson University Professor Dr. Barry Nocks, who coordinated the development of the tool kit by graduate students within the School of Planning, Development, Preservation and Landscape Architecture. “Instead, it was created to provide a capsule of what planning tools and resources are available in South Carolina, how they are being used and how they can be used by communities across the Upstate.

“It will be up to the communities – their planning staffs, elected officials and residents – as to what tools and uses are appropriate based on their local needs, vision and community goals. Some communities within the Upstate are already using many of the planning concepts outlined in the document, but we hope this will help enhance the understanding of various tools and encourage sharing of ideas across the region. ”

The tool kit focuses on the components of the Our Upstate Vision, which was completed in 2011 following input from more than 10,000 Upstate residents in a year-long process to gain an understanding of what Upstate residents value as we look toward the future and projected growth in the Upstate.

“The Tool Kit has two potential audiences,” said Dean Hybl, Executive Director of Ten at the Top. “It is a resource for planners, but also has a section designed for residents and elected officials that illustrates why appropriate planning has a valuable role in ensuring the Upstate remains a special place to live, learn, do business and raise a family.”   

Ten at the Top will be presenting the Upstate Regional Tool Kit to city and county governments and planning staffs over the next several months. Anyone interested in more information about the Upstate Regional Tool Kit should contact Dean Hybl at 864-283-2315.