The Artist Minute – Julia Deckman, Visual Artist

February 24, 2020

The Who’s on the Move, BizSC, Artist Minute is a quick, two-minute interview in support of the undeniable impact that the arts and local artists have on our communities. One of the main drivers of a strong local economy as well as attracting talent to a region is the critical role the arts has in our community. Please enjoy watching, listening and supporting our artists in this series. We welcome you to share these videos with your business contacts and friends through social media.


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Julia Deckman, Visual Artist

Julia grew up in Annapolis, MD and raised and encouraged by her creative family. She fell in love with Charleston while attending the College of Charleston from 2003- 2007 and decided to make it her forever home in 2012. After working in administration for several years, she decided to pursue her passion for the arts and to build her inventory of paintings. In 2019, Julia was recognized as the Griffith-Reyburn Lowcountry Artist of the Year and found representation at The Miller Gallery in downtown Charleston.

She primarily work with oil paints and am constantly inspired by light and color. Her aim to translate everyday instants into surprising moments of beauty.

This interview was filmed at her studio in Redux Contemporary Art Center.