Three Dog Bakery to host book signing Oct. 29 for “A Paw on My Heart”

October 28, 2008

COLUMBIA, SC – October 27, 2008 – Three Dog Bakery, the all natural bakery for dogs, is hosting a book signing Wednesday, Oct. 29, for A Paw on My Heart …A Tail of Divine and Canine Inspiration by Columbia author Karen Petit.

The event, scheduled from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m., is open to the public and will be held at Three Dog Bakery at 625 Harden St. in Five Points.

Published by Red Letter Press, A Paw on My Heart is the inspirational account of a writer in despair and a dog saved from drowning. Together, they found their own story – a story of love and loss, but also of resilience, healing and dogged determination not to give up when life’s bite is, indeed, worse than its bark.
Their story begins in 2003 when Petit’s life was in shambles.  Petit had endured a bitter divorce in 2002 and was trying to sort out the pieces for her future. Additionally, her mother was dying from a rare lung disease, and other problems weighed heavily on her heart and mind.

Into the uncertainty, Petit added a vivacious dog named Ivy who set out to change the writer’s life.  A Labrador Retriever-Chow mix, Ivy inspired the former newspaper reporter and editor to write a mystery for young readers in which pets would solve crimes and mysteries. The book quickly evolved into the popular “Shandon’s Ivy League” Mystery Series for young readers and pet lovers of all ages.

In A Paw on My Heart, Petit candidly shares the story of domestic abuse, her failed marriage and life with Ivy, who was no stranger to danger.  Rescued from a man who had threatened to drown her, Ivy ended up rescuing the writer. Ivy inspired Petit to begin writing a mystery book for young readers.  The book evolved into the “Shandon’s Ivy League” Mystery Series for young readers and pet lovers of all ages.

Petit says she wrote the book to help raise awareness about domestic abuse and violence.  “The problem of abuse is far more prevalent than people realize, and it reaches all socioeconomic levels,” she said. “I wrote A Paw on My Heart to help women understand that they don’t have to be ashamed to talk about abuse, as I was in the beginning.”

Petit said she also wants to spread the message about the remarkable healing power of pets. “When I opened my home to Ivy, I never knew that my life would change so dramatically,” said Petit. “Ivy accomplished so much by simply being herself – a dog.”
Petit’s books from the “Shandon’s Ivy League” Mystery Series include The Mystery of the Screecher Creature, The Mystery at Foggy Bottom Lake and The Mystery of the Stolen Stallion.   Book 4, The Mystery of the Circus Curse, will be published in 2009.

For information on Three Dog Bakery or the book signing, call Debbie Edens at Three Dog Bakery, 312-9988.

Visit or to learn more about the mystery series and Red Letter Press.