Ultimate Comfort and Sophisticated Style Highlight Eyewear Additions at Greenville EyeCare

Bausch + Lomb ULTRA Contact Lenses, AIR OPTIX COLORS Contact Lenses, Bobbi Brown and Fendi Designer Frames Now Available in Optical Center

GREENVILLE, SC – Greenville EyeCare Associates, a provider of comprehensive eye healthcare services, is pleased to announce the addition of Bausch + Lomb ULTRA contact lenses, AIR OPTIX COLORS contact lenses, and designer frames featuring the Bobbi Brown and Fendi brands to their line of eyewear.

Featuring MoistureSeal Technology, the Bausch + Lomb ULTRA contact lenses help prevent lens dehydration that may be caused by reduced blink rates. When people spend large blocks of time using a smart phone, tablet or computer, blinking may occur less often, which could contribute to contact lenses drying out and discomfort. The Bausch + Lomb ULTRA lenses maintain moisture levels within the lenses to provide extended comfort and less strain on the eye.

Another contact lens product added to the optical center is the AIR OPTIX® COLORS contact lenses from ALCON featuring 3-in-1 color technology available in nine colors. These newly introduced, breathable lenses transform the color of the wearer’s eyes while retaining moisture for constant comfort.

Greenville EyeCare is offering free, in-office trial pairs for both the Bausch + Lomb ULTRA and AIR OPTIX contact lenses.

Designer frames from international cosmetics guru Bobbi Brown are now featured in the optical center. This eyewear line is designed to demystify and simplify the process of choosing eyeglasses. These styles complement a woman’s facial shape and skin tones, and the specially designed frames display provides the wearer with a simplified way to choose a frame style, identify their face shape and then choose a color palette.

The contemporary, feminine woman will appreciate the newly added line of Fendi designer frames and sunglasses. Featuring sophisticated models with unique shapes and iconic detailing, these Fendi frames maintain the same high standards of design and elegance reflected in the well-known luxury brand. Quality materials such as Optyl are used, with a color palette of refined shades and edgy color contrasts, as well as an interplay of materials, jewel-like details and shaded or mirrored lenses.

“Eyewear continues to follow the popular fashion trends of famous brands that our patients admire,” says Keri Spivey, Greenville EyeCare Optical Team Leader. “Fashionable brands not only give them a look they prefer, but they also deliver quality eyewear that functionally meets their vision needs. Contact lenses continue to improve with features that more closely mimic the human eye for optimal comfort. Beyond corrected vision, these lenses offer specialized features that reduce eye fatigue and enhance eye color. We’re pleased to be able to offer these designer brands and new vision products that so many people prefer.”


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