What are your values and your mission?

September 9, 2021

By Jerry Bellune

Author and entrepreneur Jennifer Allwood says something amazing happens when you decide you want to be an entrepreneur. You get to call the shots.

She’s half right. Maybe just 20% right.

Your customers, investors, employees and family want to get in with you on calling the shots. And that’s OK. Let them.

You want to be intentional when you start your business. That means your business plan must include your core values.

Students in our business startup classes were shown how to write a value statement as well as a mission statement and SWOT analysis. We gave them examples and gave them an opportunity to present their business plans to a panel of experienced entrepreneurs long before Shark Tank even made it to TV.

We did not want them to do this as an after thought. We did not want them one day to hate going to work for a business they came to hate or were bored with.

Core values are critical because your business will change with time, technology and competition in your market.

Your core values can help you make sure the opportunities and challenges you face in the future remain exciting to you.

If you have not done this yet, use the online search engines to see how others have written value and mission statements.

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