Wood Rescue Team urges local community to have their crawlspaces inspected in light of recent heavy rainfall

August 27, 2020

The Wood Rescue Team, a local crawlspace and wood repair company, urges those in their community to have their crawl spaces inspected in light of the heavy rainfall that the Upstate has experienced this year.

It’s no surprise that the Upstate has seen immense amounts of rainfall this year, with very few intermissions between storm systems. This excessive rainfall can wreak havoc on old wood and foundation, especially in the areas of your home that you most often forget to check.

The main culprit of this is your crawl space, an area that in most circumstances you’d have no reason to visit. This is precisely why it’s the most prone to unforeseen water damage. Water damage left unchecked can cause the wooden parts of your foundation to rot, which can lead to settling, leaning, and in worst cases even overall structural failure of your crawl space.

“This excessive rainfall has been wreaking havoc on the crawl spaces we’ve been inspecting recently. We have seen a noticeable increase in fungal growth in addition to the mold we already find just being in the south,” says Jen Shone of Wood Rescue Team.

The worst thing you can do for your foundation is to assume everything is alright, especially with the amount of rain that the Upstate is seeing this year. Call The Wood Rescue Team to identify and solve any issues in your crawl space before they become a problem.