$0 tuition extended at Greenville Technical College through Summer and Fall 2022

February 24, 2022

Students at Greenville Technical College will continue to pay $0 tuition through 2022 thanks to a recent decision by the college’s governing board. The effort allows the college to produce more graduates, fostering greater economic mobility and creating the highly skilled workforce South Carolina employers need to address the current labor shortage.

Lab and course fees that were not previously covered by $0 tuition and were also not eligible for some sources of financial aid are being rolled into tuition effective Summer 2022, increasing the value of the $0 Tuition Workforce Scholarships and allowing these fees to be covered by certain financial aid options. Some fees remain.

In addition, the Greenville Technical College Area Commission has approved differential tuition effective Summer 2022 for the college’s five schools– Arts & Sciences, Business & Computer Technology, Engineering Technology & Professional Studies, Advanced Manufacturing & Transportation Technology, and Health Sciences. This will allow schools to charge a rate that reflects the cost to operate various programs with a range of equipment, exams, and expenses required.

“We are very pleased to offer students the chance to continue paying $0 tuition for the remainder of 2022,” said Dr. Keith Miller, president of Greenville Technical College. “With tuition covered, students have the financial freedom to pursue their goals and complete their educational plans. Our aim is to remove barriers to higher education, and the changes our board has made put us in a stronger position to do just that.”

For more information on $0 tuition at Greenville Technical College, go to https://www.gvltec.edu/why_GTC/zero-tuition-extended.html