3 steps to own your digital marketing power

October 4, 2019
Jerry Bellune

By Jerry Bellune


We see many large and small businesses make these 3 digital marketing mistakes:

1. They have a family member set up a clunky web site that may look pretty but is difficult to read on a mobile device.

2. The site just sits there with no enticing product or service offers or fresh information to attract visitors.

3. They use social media to post personal photos but nothing about their business.

Are you one of them? Too busy running your business that you ignore digital marketing’s great and inexpensive power?

Because we are in the news business, we invest a lot of time in posting breaking local news on our site. We use social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to let visitors know where to find out more about what’s happening. It’s like having our own radio and TV all news, all the time.

On an average news day more than 2,000 users will visit our site. When we have a particularly dramatic news day such as high school football weekends, that will jump to 6,000 visits a day.

Those users come to our site where they also see our advertisers’ messages. They can click through to their web sites, see their latest offers and place their orders.


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