3 Strategies to Boost Sales

December 8, 2008

Relax. Here’s help from CEOs and managers like yourself with field-tested strategies we call accelerators because they accelerate profit-building.
All are featured in Jerry Bellune’s Accelerate Your Profit Builders: 79 strategies to boost sales 

Accelerator #1
Check the pulse of your market.
Plan a half-day retreat for your key sales and management executives.
Give everyone copies of this year’s numbers compared with last year’s numbers.
Take as much time as needed to discuss potential tactics and strategies.
Welcome all ideas and ask everyone to suspend judgment. That means, no put-downs.
One idea, no matter how crazy, may spark a brilliant idea from someone else.
Pick the top five and discuss what each will require in achieve.
Decide which will produce the greatest amount of revenue at the least cost.
The priorities should become clear. What you need to tackle first. What should come next.
Fix accountability. Who will do what by when should be crystal clear.

Accelerator #2
Alert everyone in the company about your plans and priorities.
Post the results of these discussions so that everyone in your company is aware.
Hold informational meetings for all departments.
Ask for suggestions and, if you need them, volunteers to participate.
Encourage employees to let their families know about the strong, positive steps being taken.
This can become a tremendous morale builder for employee families.
They have a stake in the future of your newspaper and their loved ones’ paychecks.

Accelerator #3
Track progress daily and weekly.
Each team should report to you on their progress in a timely manner.
Agree in advance how often each team should report.
Compile all teams’ progress and report the results regularly to everyone.
On achieving your objectives, let everyone know.
Plan a celebration. Invite your employees’ families to join the fun.

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