5 steps to turn problems into profits

June 3, 2020

By Jerry Bellune


Has the covid-19 crisis crippled your confidence, your sales and your income?

Our friend Jill Konrath says that when she faces the same thing she:

1. Tells herself she has a challenge, not a problem. That matters. Our brain responds positively to challenges. It wants to find answers. In short, it clicks into gear.

2. Reminds herself that she’s successfully handled other challenges. What did she do then? It builds her confidence.

3. Poses questions such as:
• What could I be doing differently?
• How do my colleagues deal with this?
• What can I do to get more business from my existing clients? What messages or offers may result in a better response?
• What will it take to make this decision a higher priority? How can I help prospects gain consensus on an important decision?

4. Experiments with different strategies, approaches, techniques. Calling what she does an experiment frees her from failure. Instead she is seeking new solutions.

5. Steps back to evaluate the experiment. What went well so she can repeat it. What didn’t. Was it what I said? How she said it? What she didn’t say? Was the offer strong?

Be honest with yourself.

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