A Conversation with Dr. Andrew Hsu, President, College of Charleston

August 25, 2021

The Who’s on the Move Leadership Series highlights people leading extraordinary change in South Carolina. We will be focusing on the journeys of 12 top leaders per year from across the state with a short video as well as a full audio version of the conversation. The interview will also be available on Apple and Spotify. Just search for the Who’sOnTheMove SC podcast.

You will see a diverse group of leaders in this series, men and women, white and non white, old and young – entrepreneurs, leaders of academics institutions, executive directors of non profits, and others. 

Dr. Andrew Hsu, President, College of Charleston

Andrew Hsu’s journey to becoming the President of the College of Charleston is an extraordinary one. Born in Beijing in 1956 during a time of great political change throughout the People’s Republic of China, he found his way to the United States and earned his master’s and doctoral degrees in aerospace engineering from Georgia Tech.

Announced as the 23rd President of College of Charleston in late 2018, Dr. Hsu is leading the more than 250 year-old institution through a new strategic plan with a new vision. How does a traditionally liberal arts college prepare for the next 250 years?

Below is our full conversation College of Charleston President, Dr. Andrew Hsu. You can also listen to this interview by going the the WhosOnTheMove SC podcast which is available on Spotify and Apple.

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