A Conversation with Mike Gula, Columbia Metropolitan Airport (CAE)

November 18, 2021

There is no doubt that the past eighteen months have been difficult for a lot of businesses and the Columbia Metropolitan Airport (CAE) is no exception. At the height of the pandemic, the only people getting off of the arriving planes were the pilots and the flight attendants.

But the numbers are up at the airport and although they are still not yet at pre-COVID levels, CAE is ahead of projected levels of traffic for this year.

In this video, Mike Gula, the Executive Director of the Columbia Metropolitan Airport talks about air travel, end of year passenger traffic numbers, COVID-19 protocols, CAE’s current business development projects and more.

September 2021 – THIS YEAR

Total Enplanements: 43,647
Total Passengers: 87,294

September 2020 – LAST YEAR

Total Enplanements: 20,694
Total Passengers: 41,388

*This year in September we saw a 111% increase over last year at the same time.

October 2021 – THIS YEAR

Total Enplanements: 48,414
Total Passengers: Roughly 96,828

October 2020 – LAST YEAR

Total Enplanements: 23,926
Total Passengers: Roughly 47,852

YTD as of October 31, 2021

Total Enplanements: 351,106
Total Passenger Traffic: Roughly 702,212

In 2019, CAE was sitting at 558,426 enplanements for the year at the end of October 2019. They are still in recovery mode, but doing very well and still seeing a lot of passenger movement through the airport.

New Online Pre-Booking Parking Service

Since November 2020, based on license plate, CAE has had 3,921 unique customers with 89.95% being new prebook users and the remaining being returning customers.