A Conversation with Teresa Coles, The Responsible Brand Toolkit

February 9, 2021

One thing we know from 2020 is that there is a rising tide of consciousness in our society today, resulting in the very real need for businesses to lead with greater purpose and intention.

That’s why two marketing and communications firms with a shared commitment to social consciousness joined forces to create the Responsible Brand Toolkit. The two companies are Riggs Partners based in Columbia, South Carolina and verynice, based in Los Angeles California.

The toolkit is a free, open-source curriculum designed to teach businesses, nonprofit organizations, foundations and social enterprises how to build high-impact brands.

The Responsible Brand Toolkit is available for viewing at www.responsiblebrand.com.

This interview is with Teresa Coles, co-author of The Responsible Brand toolkit, and president of Riggs Partners. It is available in both video and full audio format.

Full audio version. Also available on Apple and Spotify podcasts. Search WhosOnTheMove SC.