A Parade Like No Other

December 16, 2020

2020 has been a different kind of year in so many ways. But that isn’t stopping the City of Laurens from bringing some much-needed joy to residents. The City of Laurens Christmas Parade is going where no parade has gone before!

This year, since everyone is celebrating the holidays a little differently, there was concern that the city might not be able to have its annual Christmas parade.  But, where there is a will, there is a way.  And, though it will look a little different, Laurens will still have its parade!

“We know that 2020 has been a difficult year for everyone, and sometimes the smallest things can bring the most comfort,” said Mayor Nathan Senn. “We knew that if there was a way to safely hold our Christmas parade, we wanted to be creative and find a way to make sure our citizens had this special part of the Christmas experience.”

The parade is scheduled for Sunday, December 20 at 1:00.  It will include members of the City of Laurens Police Department, City of Laurens Fire Department, Mayor Senn, City Council, and a special guest from the North Pole.  (Other possible participants TBD)

The parade will be shorter this year but will include decorated City vehicles, including the City’s firetrucks and the City trolley. Like any other parade it will include lights, sirens, music, and a neighborhood visit from Santa himself, great help for him to map out his planned route for Christmas Eve

A longer than usual parade route has been designed to go through nearly every neighborhood in the City.  Approximate “neighborhood-by-neighborhood” times will be announced prior to the event.

Here’s a guide to the official parade route:

  • The parade will begin at the Fire Station on West Main Street and winding through the city limits.
  • From the fire station, the route will wind through the neighborhoods west of 221 and South of 76; then
  • East into the Washington Heights neighborhood; then
  • North of E. Farley Street into the Sanders Middle School neighborhood; then
  • West of South Harper onto Irby Avenue and back to West Farley; then
  • North on South Harper to East Main toward Holmes Street and the old Laurens Mill neighborhood; then
  • West of North Harper through Clemson Street in the Watt’s Mill area; then
  • South on Hwy 221 to Hillcrest Drive to the Spring Street area; then
  • South to Church Street, Anderson Drive, south onto Sunset Park and Downs Street; then
  • Returning west along West Main and the ending at the fire station.

Spectators may participate by coming out into their own yards or to the streets in their neighborhood along the parade route.  Those unable to view the parade in person or who want to track the progress of the parade as it reaches their area can view the event on Facebook Live through the City of Laurens’ Facebook page.

“By holding this year’s parade in this unique way, we get to have a little fun and do something we wouldn’t do normally, couldn’t do with the size of our normal parade, and likely may not ever do again,” said Mayor Senn.  “Aside from celebrating Christmas with our neighbors, this parade will be one more way we show the world our strength and determination as a community.  This year, it won’t be the number of vehicles in the parade or the size of crowds that we remember.  Instead, we’ll remember that, against all the odds of this tough year, we pulled together to find a way to have a parade and look forward with hope for the new year.”