Sheriff’s Department’s aviation unit supports central S.C. law-enforcement operations

By W. Thomas Smith, Jr.

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Richland County Sheriff’s Dept. (RCSD) Pilot Javier Figueroa and Capt. Rafael Gonzales are pictured in this video enjoying a pleasant-weather observation flight, Wed., Apr. 22, aboard RCSD’s Bell OH-58 Kiowa helicopter, a key asset in RCSD’s Aviation Support Unit.

[See – http://victoryinstitute.net/nationsdefense/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/VID-20200422-1.mp4]

In this cockpit-view video released by RCSD’s public information office, Thurs., the Bell Kiowa is seen taking off from a hover over Jim Hamilton–L.B. Owens Airport. Looking off to the left (port side), viewers can easily see Williams-Brice Stadium. And at the one-o’clock position (between the video’s 16-20 second mark) viewers can see the Columbia skyline.

RCSD’s Aviation Support Unit includes the Kiowa, a Cessna 172, and a few unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) capable of supporting the department’s ground and waterborne operations.

– For more information about the Richland County Sheriff’s Dept., visit http://rcsd.net.