Adams and Reese joins AiRXOS Air Mobility Platform Ecosystem as service partner

Adams and Reese announced the firm has been named a service partner of AiRXOS, part of GE Aviation and a leading provider of Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) solutions, in an expansion of its Air MobilityTM Platform Ecosystem.

Adams and Reese is one of 12 Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) technology and service partners to AiRXOS throughout the United States that will partner with the company to help develop and advocate for the adoption of compliant, safe and extensible UTM solutions for states, government agencies and enterprise organizations.

AiRXOS’ Air Mobility Platform Ecosystem provides integrated best-in-class technology and functionality, built-in compliance and a fully integrated view of airspace for real-time airspace insights for greater scalability and repeatability of advanced operations.

The combination of AiRXOS’ advanced technology systems with Adams and Reese’s forward-thinking advocacy strives to create opportunities for a broad range of end users aiming to utilize commercial drones to improve safety outcomes, realize cost savings and streamline operations. Adams and Reese also provides legal counsel regarding commercial drone use to end users in a variety of industries.

Through the firm’s UAS Practice Team, Adams and Reese attorneys hope to shape a favorable regulatory landscape for commercial UAS manufacturers, operators and users. Attorneys and government relations professionals advocate on behalf of the commercial drone industry as well as companies utilizing commercial drones to facilitate the public acceptance of drones, limit regulatory uncertainties and overcome operational barriers to help clients realize the full benefits of this exciting technology.

“Adams and Reese recognizes that industries within the firm’s regional footprint are embracing drone technology at an exponential rate,” said Gif Thornton, Managing Partner of Adams and Reese. “The establishment of our Unmanned Aircraft Systems Practice Team demonstrates our commitment to both excellence and innovation. Through our partnership with AiRXOS, a leading provider of Unmanned Traffic Management solutions, we are proud to lead the integration of advanced drone operations into the national airspace.”

Further noting the firm’s UAS Team’s capabilities and goals, Grant Guillot, a Partner at Adams and Reese in Baton Rouge whose practice focuses on UAS and commercial drone technology, added, “Many of our firm’s clients operate in industries that are increasingly utilizing drones thanks to their cost-saving attributes, versatility in use and risk-reducing capabilities. Yet to fully unlock the maximum benefits drones are uniquely capable of providing, these companies must work with governmental decision-makers and industry leaders to enable advanced drone operations. Our firm’s partnership with AiRXOS, a widely respected supplier of Unmanned Traffic Management services, is reflective of our determination to enable our clients to take full advantage of this game-changing technology.”

Ken Stewart, CEO of AiRXOS, noted the shared commitment of AiRXOS and Adams and Reese to better serve a range of companies and industries with innovative technology, stating, “We are excited to partner with Adams and Reese, a leading legal and government relations service provider to several industries that are increasingly utilizing unmanned aircraft systems. The firm’s dedication to excellence and its enthusiasm for technological innovation makes it an ideal addition to AiRXOS’ Air Mobility Platform Ecosystem. We look forward to working with Adams and Reese’s UAS Practice Team to enable end users in multiple sectors to fully harness this cost-lowering, risk-reducing and potentially life-saving technology.”



AiRXOS, part of GE Aviation, is making a new way of moving possible. From people, to cargo, to delivery, inspections, and public safety — we’re taking on the global challenge of the digital drone economy and changing the future of transportation. AiRXOS is digitizing today’s airspace, infusing next generation air traffic management technology and services with world-class aviation expertise and execution, AiRXOS is shaping a new era of transportation through global, commercial Unmanned Aircraft (UA) solutions. For more information about AiRXOS, visit, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


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