Aflac awards MIRCI grant to support homeless youth services

Aflac awarded a $10,000 grant to the Mental Illness Recovery Center, Inc. (MIRCI) to support programs assisting homeless youth in Columbia.

MIRCI’s youth services create pathways to recovery by equipping youth to overcome barriers that prevent them from living and thriving as productive members of society.  By creating safe, age-appropriate, youth-specific, trauma-informed spaces, MIRCI provides a nurturing environment where youth learn to heal, grow and thrive.This project was supported by a grant from Aflac, housed at Central Carolina Community Foundation.

“We are thankful for the support of Aflac as we work to assist our community’s most vulnerable population. We look forward to continuing our work in the community, as we have seen great successes and achievements by those we serve.” said MIRCI’s Executive Director, Julie Ann Avin.


MIRCI – the Mental Illness Recovery Center, Inc.

MIRCI – the Mental Illness Recovery Center, Inc. ( is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to assist individuals with mental illness to recover in the areas of their lives impacted by their illness through housing, behavioral healthcare, and assistance with obtaining and managing their disability income.