American Heart Association collaborating with local AME churches

January 11, 2021

The American Heart Association in Charleston is collaborating with local AME churches to raise awareness of the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. The partnership provides education on the dangers of uncontrolled high blood pressure, often referred to a as the “silent killer” and includes information on making healthy food choices.

“The African American population is at higher risk for developing high blood pressure. This can lead to cardiovascular disease and stroke making the need for blood pressure education greater than ever,” said American Heart Association Executive Director Katie Schumacher. “We are excited to work with AME churches to raise awareness provide resources to local congregations about the benefits of knowing your blood pressure numbers and finding ways to eat healthier.”

The partnership is also focusing on healthy food education because maintaining a healthy weight, eating healthy and reducing sodium contribute to maintaining a healthy blood pressure. Church leaders have agreed to adopt a healthy eating policy that will ensure healthy options, such as adding fruits and vegetables and offering non-sweetened beverages are provided at church gatherings,

“We want to encourage a healthier lifestyle through our collaboration. We need to think about drinking water, moving more and being more active because we can control our own health.” said South Carolina Missionary Society Myra Haney Singleton. “Prevention starts with awareness, and we’re working together to provide healthy tools and resources to empower our AME community!”

The American Heart Association is closely working with United Healthcare to address food security in the tri-county area. To learn more about their partnership, follow the American Heart Association on social media: