AnMed Health announces leadership salary reductions, furloughs due to COVID-19

Like other health systems across the state and nation, AnMed Health is experiencing a considerable negative impact on business operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Elective surgeries and physician office visits have decreased dramatically, leading to a significant loss of revenue. At the same time, we are developing plans to meet surge demands for COVID-19 patients in the weeks ahead.

As a result of these unprecedented events, AnMed Health will temporarily reduce leadership and management salaries. In addition, we will temporarily furlough some employees and make other staff adjustments in both nonclinical and clinical areas that have seen a decrease in demand for services. These changes will become effective April 19 and may last for up to three months. Affected employees will have access to insurance benefits and can apply for unemployment.

“Though difficult, this action is necessary to ensure that AnMed Health can continue to serve patients in our community who need care,” said CEO Bill Manson. “It will take sacrifice to get through the days ahead, but we will get through this.”