Announcing Greenville Mom Collective

February 9, 2021

Believing strongly all types of mothers should be recognized and supported, Natalie Welanetz is launching Greenville Mom Collective. This new, local parenting resource will help connect and encourage mothers in the Upstate area. Welanetz and her husband, Kris, have recently begun the adoption process after losing their daughter twelve years ago.

“As a mom who has lost a child, I know first hand how difficult it can be to ‘be a mom, but not be a mom,’” said Natalie Welanetz, Greenville Mom Collective Owner and Founder. “I wanted to create a space where moms within the community can connect and be supportive of one another throughout the Upstate.”

Welanetz has brought together a team of writers – who are also local moms – to provide insight into their very personal, and vastly different journeys. Greenville Mom Collective is a one stop shop for all Greenville has to offer, as well as a resource to educate, empower, and encourage moms. The goal is to build each other up and encourage moms of diverse backgrounds and points of view.

Joining nearly 100 parenting resource websites across the country, through City Mom Collective, Greenville Mom Collective will have an impressive network at their fingertips. City Mom Collective crisscrosses the globe and represents hundreds of moms as owners, thousands as contributors and millions as readers. Being a part of this sisterhood of like-minded women sets Welanetz – as well as the moms of Greenville – up for success.

“Our team is excited not only to share our stories but also to connect with moms in the community through events,” said Welanetz.

Visitors to Greenville Mom Collective can look forward to a one stop resource for all things family and parenthood. This will include a community calendar, Greenville local guides, events, and beautiful stories of motherhood. Upcoming posts include: “Don’t Clean the House” and “What We’ve learned from 2020.”

To connect, encourage and provide support to upstate mothers through individual motherhood journeys.

Through local partnerships and collaborative efforts, Greenville Mom Collective will be a resource to the community, written by and for local moms.