Aristotle’s art of persuasion

August 19, 2021

By Jerry Bellune

Do you want a prime prospect to go for your latest offer?

Aristotle taught that there were 3 keys to persuade yourself or someone else to do something important.

The great thinker’s 3 keys were credibility, emotion and logic. Lets talk about credibility and how you establish it.

Your attitude will affect your prospects’ attitude. If you want simply to sell them something, that’s in your interest, not theirs, and they will know it. Game over.

If you aim to help them solve a problem or achieve a goal, the game is still on.

But why would they trust you? You must have some thing important in common. People like people who are like them. And they are more willing to trust them

Research should have shown you what you and your prospect share in common.

Find a skillful way to open the conversation with that. Such as, “I know you and I both have challenges in finding our ideal customers and I have found a solution.”

You can let the prospect know about other customers you have helped solve this problem or achieve similar goals.

You can share with them your own experience in handling challenges and achieving goals similar to theirs.

It works for us. It should work for you.

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