Artist Minute – Charlton Singleton, Musician

March 19, 2021

The Who’s on the Move, Artist Minute is a quick, two-minute interview in support of the undeniable impact that the arts and local artists have on our communities. One of the main drivers of a strong local economy as well as attracting talent to a region is the critical role the arts has in our community. Please enjoy watching, listening and supporting our artists in this series. We welcome you to share these videos with your business contacts and friends through social media.


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Charlton Singleton, Musician

Over the past several years, Charlton Singleton has emerged as the face of jazz performance in the Lowcountry. He is a member of the Grammy award winning band Ranky Tanky, a quintet that has gained a worldwide following for its interpretation of the sounds of Gullah culture.

Singleton studied organ, violin, cello, and trumpet throughout childhood and adolescence and earned a music performance degree from South Carolina State University. He is also a music educator who has taught at every level from elementary school through college.

In addition to Ranky Tanky, he has his own touring ensemble, is artistic director and conductor of the Charleston Jazz Orchestra, is organist and choir director of St. Patrick Catholic Church in Charleston and was named inaugural artist-in-residence at the renovated Gaillard Center in Charleston.

In 2021, the South Carolina Arts Commission named Charlton as a recipient of the South Carolina Governor’s Awards for the Arts (Artist Category).

Below is a full audio version of our conversation with Charlton Singleton. You can also listen to the interview on the WhosOnTheMove SC podcast on Spotify and Apple.