Attorney General Alan Wilson leads multistate amicus brief defending parental speech

April 19, 2023

Attorney General Alan Wilson filed an amicus brief, with nine other attorneys general, aimed at protecting parents’ free speech, in the Moms for Liberty – Brevard County, Florida v. Brevard Public Schools case.

“Instead of being silenced, parents should absolutely have the opportunity and protection to speak at school board meetings or public forums. In fact, they should be encouraged to participate,” said Attorney General Alan Wilson. “Parents have the right to be involved in their children’s education and voice their concerns. Parental speech, particularly regarding education, is ingrained in our nation’s history and must be protected at all costs.”

The attorneys general argue, “Parental rights are a central component of the history and tradition of the United States and are a vital force for social progress. Given their importance to both the individual and the public, these rights are–and should be–afforded some degree of respect by our judicial system.”

Not only are parental educational rights deeply rooted in the tradition of the United States, but parental advocacy contributes to social progress–from the push to desegregate schools, to protecting children with disabilities, and pushing for access to charter schools and homeschooling.

Attorneys general from Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, and Texas joined Attorney General Wilson on this brief.

Read the brief here.